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The Oval Partnership Architecture Ltd is the London studio of an international group of architects, urbanists, designers and researchers.

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Oval Partnership is an international group of architects, urbanists, designers and researchers, actively engaged in researching and promoting sustainability, place-making, narrative-based planning, heritage conservation and community development. We have offices in London, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Cape Town and an affiliate office in Liverpool. Among the many sectors we serve we are especially well known for our large scale mixed-use projects and our ability to bring to these a richer and more engaging visitor experience and an enhanced sense of community, activity, and place. Our group now incorporates INTEGER Intelligent and Green, the sustainability action-research organisation originally founded in the UK in 1996, and with whom we have collaborated for nearly twenty years. We also organise and curate an annual grass-roots urban festival, now in its fifth year, and research and write a blog called ‘Urban Diary’.

Our clients include private individuals, major property investors and developers and government agencies from around the world. Our award-winning portfolio ranges from restaurants and retail interiors through cultural buildings, exhibitions and museums. From large-scale heritage-driven mixed-use urban regeneration to low density, low-tech rural interventions and new infrastructure for green tourism. Our strength lies in our ability to bring a fresh, intelligent approach and an open, collaborative way of working to the design process. This enables us to deliver innovative but practical projects that evolve directly from, and usually exceed, our clients’ needs and aspirations.